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Sleek & Beautiful
Sleek & Beautiful

Arcade Racing

Simplified and intuitive controls at your fingertips, to race against your friends or AI controlled opponents, along a wide selection of challenging tracks, under several weather conditions.

Sleek & Beautiful

Fighting Action

Target your opponents and shoot at will to slow them down and overtake who dares to drive in front of you. Pull the trigger and unleash the power of your arsenal, choosing between railguns, rockets, mines and much more.

Sleek & Beautiful


Enter the shop and purchase the weapons of your choice. Improve the stats of your vehicle, unlock the next one or simply pick the color you like the most, to get the absolute uniqueness on the track.

Our latest blog post

February 21, 2019 No Comments

Bullet shells all around

Adding more details, more particles effects, railgun shells all around. 🙂

February 16, 2019 No Comments

It’s time to ROCK(ets)!

Refining some fighting mechanics. It’s time to test the ranged weapons, starting from rockets! The particles are subject to further refinements, and we are considering to enlarge the missile mesh too. Hitting an opponent is an hard task at the moment, but things are going to improve over and over.

February 8, 2019 No Comments

Lubricating the triggers

We’re testing the railgun crossfire. The white cubes are temporary placeholders. We’re going to spawn some sparkles effect(s) on the hitted point(s).